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Frameworks, tools and services to support systemically ethical innovation.

Build compliance, identify risks, diagnose cultural bias and effectively engage with diverse stakeholders to prepare for a data driven, human compatible future.

Building the future?

Systemic Data Ethics Logo

Deliver the good

Ethical AI and Data starts with the foundations.

GDPR Compliance

Be where you need to be

Establish the essential governance, practices and processes required to achieve full, auditable GDPR compliance in AI and Algorithmic systems.

Risk assessment

Learn to look ahead

Effectively detect and mitigate systemic risks associated with AI and algorithmic systems with expertly facilitated multi-stakeholder engagement.


Know your strengths

Focus your investment and training by rapidly assessing the state and bias of your data culture with a unique systemic diagnostics tool.


Diversity matters

Diversity and inclusion lies at the core of systemically ethical behaviour. Our work is built on a solid technical foundation, but all engagement is powered by human-centric, multi-stakeholder collaboration.


The big picture

The Systemic Data Ethics framework provides a whole system overview. It identifies 12 distinct domains of work, supporting inclusivity by enabling us to detect biases and blind spots. It also directly informs our governance practices, diagnostic tools and risk discovery methodology.


Work together

Facilitated co-creation lies at the heart of our work. We believe that the key to ethical AI and Data lies in effective multi-stakeholder collaboration. The trust and mindset required to challenge the status-quo does not happen by accident.


Core skills

True ethics requires a challenge culture where everyone is comfortable raising difficult questions. We directly support cultural evolution through training in the "core skills" which include psychological safety, personal responsibility and trust.


Lets start the conversation. We're committed to a future where data and AI are used for the benefit of everyone.


Our toolkit

The Navigator

Know the next step to take on your journey into the unknown.

Framework pyramids

rapid insight

The Navigator is the first diagnostics tool built on the Systemic Data Ethics framework. It provides deep insights into cultural perspectives and biases.

By pooling data from a set of ranking questions carefully designed to highlight different, interconnected aspects of data culture, the Navigator can highlight potential risks and points of leverage that may be hidden from view.

The whole system

A map of the cutting edge.

Framework pyramids

The Systemic Data Ethics Framework provides a stable, structured way to understand and address the big picture of what's involved in responsible innovation, while bringing clarity to where to begin.

Its harnesses systemic design techniques to map and navigate the whole realm of AI and Data ethics, known and unknown.

This map enables better risk identification, role allocation, information classification and more.

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Systemic Data Ethics combines extensive technical experience, attention to detail, psychology, co-creation practices and a unique systemic framework to make compliance more than a box-ticking exercise.
We will help you create your most valuable strategic asset - a data culture that makes meaning and provides purpose.

We do not even store your data, let alone sell it.